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The Fiesta Del Mariachi Evening Event promises to be an enchanting musical experience curated by ALR Productions. This event will showcase the rich and vibrant world-class music of legendary mariachis, featuring talented performers in a captivating line up including the following groups: Leyendas Del Mariachi, Mariachi Los Camperos de Jesus Guzman, & Mariachi Los Reyes!

Come join us for a fun-filled day of music and entertainment at Eddie West Stadium. ALR Productions in collaboration with City of Santa Ana and Power of One Foundation is proud to present the much anticipated “FIESTA DEL MARIACHI”, a musical extravaganza set to captivate audiences with the soul-stirring rhythms and vibrant melodies of traditional mariachi styles and sounds. We anticipate upwards of 10,000 attendees this year!

Power of One Foundation, a non-profit organization, will be using profits raised to support children in the community to embrace and enhance their love of art through Mariachi music through Power of One Foundation’s Mariachi Mastery 6-Month Scholarship Program!